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Model:wifi cover for iphone4S
Model:wifi connector(top) for iphone4S
Model:small parts inside (fix parts) for iphone4S
Model:screws for iphone4S
Model:sticker for iphone4S
Model:battery for iphone4S
Model:loud speaker for iphone4S
Model:camera holder, camera len,flash len, plastic strip for iphone4S
Model:plastic strip for backcover for iphone4S
Model:charge dock,black/white for iphone4S
Model:electroplated middle board with side buttons (red,blue,green,pink,rose gold,gold,black) for iphone4S
Model:color middle board with side buttons(red,blue,green,pink,black,white,purple,orange) for iphone4S
Model:middle board assemble for iphone4S
Model:middle board for iphone4S
Model:complete LCD with digitizer(white/black)
Model:electroplated iphone 4S (front screen ,middle board and backcover assemble)
Model:color iphone 4S (front screen ,middle board and backcover assemble)
Model:brand new iphone 4S (front screen ,middle board and backcover assemble)/black/white

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